7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

The 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A occurs on a Sunday between 18 February – 24 February.

7th sunday ot Responsorial Psalm Year A ot the lord is compassion and love

Psalm 102:1-4. 8. 10, 12-13 r. 8
The Lord is compassion and love.

Click here to download melody line and chords [PDF]

Listen below: 7th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year A ~ Responsorial Psalm

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5 thoughts on “7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

  1. Hi CJM,
    Thank you for another beatiful setting. It is a very joyful tune which really does capture the essence of the psalm. The tune does really reflect the tempo of the psalm, great. Would love it if you did a workshop on the psalms. I think that would be a wonderful opportunity to actually hear you sing them live and tell the story of the tune. Maybe something to think about for the future. Keep up God’s good work.
    Take Care
    Peter Benson (Liverpool)

  2. Remember singing this Psalm many years ago in our Church in Stroud Green, a favourite of mine to sing a s a solo, full of feeling and the words are powerful.

  3. I’m Ms Chelcy Dsilva,age 14 I have to sing the Psalm on the 23rd of Feb ,it makes 6 months for for my dad’s death too pl add me in the group …I love singing for Jesus ….Our church choir teacher ,Ms Sonal Pinto is Blessing in Disguise ,A real angel who’s encouraged my younger brother n me to sing .I thank God for such Angel’s in our lives.

    Thank you so much

  4. The Responsorial Psalms have been a source of deep devotion to me personally , especially when set to your contemporary musical style. They are not so much a resource, per se, to me as I am not a liturgist or in music ministry. Are there also other websites or YouTube channels which have Responsorial Psalms with guitar and guitar melody that you would recommend? Thank you for making CJM available.

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