2 Common Responsorial Psalms for Eastertide

Eastertide is a season of heightened joy in the liturgical life of the Church. If ever there was a season for ensuring we sing the Responsorial Psalm – this is it! The Common Psalms are really useful for any community that has not quite established a complete repertoire of Responsorial Psalms for the Sundays of Eastertide.

Common responsorial psalms for eastertide - CJM MUSIC

Common Psalms may be used in place of the given psalm for any Sunday or weekday during that season.

The two psalms below are Common Psalms for the Easter season. If you make regular use of our psalms resources then these accessible settings may already be in your repertoire.


Psalm 117: 1-2. 16-17.22-23 r. 24
This day was made by the Lord; we rejoice and are glad.

PDFClick here to download melody line and chords [PDF]

LISTEN: Easter Season Common Responsorial Psalm 1


Psalm 65: 1-7. 16.20 r.1
Cry out with joy to God all the earth, alleuia!

PDF  Click here to download melody line and chords [PDF]

LISTEN: Easter Season Common Responsorial Psalm 2

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