3 Common Responsorial Psalms for Lent

Each season in the liturgical calendar has a selection of Common Psalms and/or Common Response(s).  The idea is that they can be used in place of the given psalm for any Sunday or weekday during that season.

The three psalms below are the Common Psalms for Lent.  The text of these psalm really captures the essence of the season, and they are a great place to start for any community that hasn’t quite established a complete repertoire of Responsorial Psalms for all five Sundays of Lent.


Psalm 50:3–6. 12-14. 17 r.cf. 3
Have mercy on us, Lord, for we have sinned.

PDFClick here to download PDF melody line and chords.

Ps 50. Have Mercy On Us - Common Psalm for Lent

CCLI No. 4583422


Psalm 90:1-2. 10-15 r. cf. 15
Be with me, Lord, in my distress.

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Ps 90. Be with me, O Lord - Common Psalm for Lent

CCLI No. 7123417


Psalm 129:1-8 r. 7
With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.

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Ps 129. With the Lord - Common Psalm for Lent

CCLI No. 5079887

Psalms of Mercy

Each of these psalms actually occurs on a least one Sunday in Lent in either year A, B or C. Psalm 50 – Common Psalm 1 is also the responsorial psalm for Ash Wednesday. If Lent had a theme song this would probably be it – so it’d be great one to start with.

Let us know how you get on.

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  • Fiona

    With the Lord… Jo, this brings back memories of you and Mike getting me to sing the verses for this psalm at Holy Trinity 7pm Mass one year! Fiona xx

    • We were trying to encourage you talented bunch at HT7 to sing the psalm more often.. All these years later, we still are 😉