Common Responsorial Psalms for Advent

Like other seasons in the liturgical year, Advent has a selection of Common Psalms and/or Common Response(s).  Common psalms can be used in place of the psalm of the day, and are a great idea if your congregation currently has a small (perhaps non-existent!) repertoire of responsorial psalm settings.

There are two common psalms and one common response available to us for Advent.  The text of these psalms really captures the essence of the season, and the settings below are accessible and singable:


Psalm 24:4-5. 8-9.10 r. 1
R: To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

PDFClick here to download PDF melody line and chords.

LISTEN: Psalm 24: To You O Lord – Common Psalm for Advent

CCLI No. 7122278

As well as being a common psalm for Advent, this is also the given responsorial psalm for the 1st Sunday of Advent in Year C.


Psalm 84:9-14 R. 8
R: Let us see, O Lord, your mercy.

PDFClick here to download PDF melody line and chords.

LISTEN: Psalm 84: Let us see, O Lord, your mercy – Common Psalm for Advent

CCLI No. 4762119

This psalm is quite familiar in the liturgical cycle, also occurring on 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A; 2nd Sunday of Advent, Year B and 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B


R: Come and set us free, O Lord.
setting coming soon…

This common response can be used instead of the given response for any of the psalms during Advent. Using texts with psalm tones, or prayerfully reciting the text underscored with instrumental music, makes it easier to use sung responses interchangeably.

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