Temptation Calls – Scripture Reflection PowerPoint [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In Lent 2006 the team from CJM MUSIC had the opportunity to spend time in the parish of Christ the King Catholic Community in Las Vegas.

For three Brits abroad, the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert gave new resonance to the Gospel that first Sunday of Lent. We heard the words of Jesus’ Temptation in the Desert in a whole new way – not least because the presider, Fr. Bill Kenny, proclaimed it from memory. Word perfect, as he held the book of the Gospels tightly to his chest.

We’ve tried to share some of that in this simple scripture reflection.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Click here to download a FREE Powerpoint and PDF for the Scripture Reflection Temptation Calls.

All around us “temptation calls” – not just during the season of Lent. Our resolve may not be a perfect as Christ’s, but his unfailing mercy is there to guard us, “lest we dash our foot against a stone.”

Question: What will you be “giving up” for Lent? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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