January 15, 2020

Father Forgive [Song]

The song from the Twelfth Station of the cross in our Born for This presentation. This song is sung by Jesus as he dies on the… Read More →
January 15, 2020

All Hail [Song]

The song from the Tenth Station of the cross in our Born for This presentation. This song is sung by the soldiers as they strip Jesus… Read More →
January 9, 2020

Born For This [Song]

The title track of our Born for This presentation from the fourth station, this song is sung by Mary the Mother of Jesus as she meets… Read More →
December 27, 2019

God is Still Speaking [Song]

A versatile, rhythmic, processional song, suitable for all ages and for us in a variety of contexts depending on the occasion and liturgical season. Our… Read More →
December 11, 2019

The Book [Song]

On the Boyce & Stanley album In the Company of Angels. This is one of our highlighted songs for 2020, Year of the Word: The God… Read More →
October 30, 2019

Come Emmanuel [Song]

Come Emmanuel is a simple, rhythmic Advent song that can be used for many things during the season, but is especially suitable for a processional song.… Read More →
September 19, 2019

Make Me Holy [Song]

This song is simple enough to be sung in unison by the entire assembly but also lends itself to solo performance which would provide a… Read More →
September 19, 2019

I Give Myself Away [Song]

A beautiful Gospel-style song of self-offering which works well as an offertory song, or for any moment of commissioning or dedication. It also finds a… Read More →
June 13, 2019

Blessed One [Song]

Each of the double couplet verses helps to reflect on Mary’s role in the story of our salvation and her place in the life of the… Read More →